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Albert CotAlbert Cot

Albert Cot is an R&D consultant specialized in the fields of Robotics, Medical Imaging and Cleantech. He got a PhD in Systems Engineering from the UPC (Polytechnic of  Catalonia) in Barcelona. Albert has 15 years of professional experience as a R&D manager and researcher in different industrial and medical sectors. Since end of 2010 he is also Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine (Hospital Clinic Campus) teaching Medical Imaging topics (MRI, CT, US, Photonics and Nuclear Medicine). In the medical field he is a post-doc researcher researcher in post-processing imaging of neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson, dementia, schizophrenia and Alzheimer). He is currently also running the implementation of a medical start-up.

 Dr Vicenç GileteVicenç Gilete

MD & Neurosurgeon, MBA. Neurosurgery & Spine Expert.

Professional Experience

  • Current Positions:
    • Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery. Drgilete.com
    • Spine Surgeon & Neurosurgeon. Hospital Teknon. Barcelona.
    • Spine Surgeon & Neurosurgeon. Clínica Diagonal. Barcelona.
    • Spine Surgeon at Mutua Universal (Worker’s insurance fund). Barcelona.
  • September 2012-June 2014. Medical Director & CEO. Healthcare Providers S.L.
  • January 2008-July 2012. Co-Founder and  Director. Barcelona Spine Center.
  • January 2007-Present. Consultant and Advisory Board member (distribution) through Neurope Invertia S.L. (Consultancy Company) in Neurosurgery & Spine business.
  • March 2003-December 2006. General Manager of NEOS SURGERY S.L. (Neurosurgical Medical Device Company).
  • January 2002-February 2003. Technical Director and Scientific Consultant of Prognomed S.L (Neurosurgical Division of Sangüesa S.A.).
  • January 1997-December 2001. Staff Neurosurgeon at “Hospital del Sagrat Cor-Quinta de Salut l’Aliança”, (Barcelona). Private Neurosurgical practice.
  • January 1992-December 1996. Residency, National Examination MIR, at Neurosurgery Service in “Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau” (Barcelona).


  • MBA “Escuela Administración de Empresas (EAE)” On-line: September 2002-June 2003.
  • Neurosurgeon. January 1992 to December 1996.
  • Medical Doctor (MD) at Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona 1985-1991.


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